Boeing’s first 777X flight-test aircraft has lifted off from Paine Field, north of Seattle, kicking off a certification campaign for the twinjet family.

777X first flight

Source: Boeing

Lift-off: the first 777-9 test aircraft becomes airborne

The 777-9 took off on 25 January, a day after gusting winds and poor weather forced the abandonment of a previous first-flight attempt. The test aircraft had held at the threshold of Runway 34L for nearly 3.5h, waiting for the wind to settle, but it never did.

The first flight finally commences the revamped widebody’s delayed flight-test programme and potentially keeps the airframer on track to begin deliveries in early 2021.

Boeing initially scheduled first flight for 23 January, but also delayed this plan due to weather conditions. The live streaming video is provided by Boeing.