Airbus has developed a cockpit-training platform for the A320 family which is designed to support initial and recurrent training for pilots through mobile devices and cloud technology.

It is planning to extend this capability – known as ‘MATe Suite’, for Mobile Airbus Training experience – to the A350 and A330 early next year.

Airbus says Indian budget carrier IndiGo and European operator Air Malta have already signed up to the subscription-based service.

Airbus MATe Suite-c-Airbus

Source: Airbus

Airbus believes the platform will mean simulator time is used more efficiently

MATe Suite uses a 3D interactive cockpit and amounts to an extension of the virtual cockpit simulator used in Airbus pilot-training centres, applied to mobile platforms for portability. Airbus says it is designed to be compatible with “any type” of IT device.

“Pilots can therefore use the service to train whenever and wherever they want, with trainers able to monitor and follow their progress via the latest cloud technology,” it adds.

Airbus claims the platform will offer better knowledge retention and “significant” saving of training time on simulators and other higher-level devices.

Airlines subscribing to MATe Suite will be able to tailor the platform to their own requirements with optional modules and customised services.