ATR has carried out a series of ground and flight trials using wholly-sustainable aviation fuel in one engine of a 72-600 test aircraft.

The turboprop conducted 7h of flights with the 100% sustainable fuel, supplied by Neste, powering one the aircraft’s Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127 engines. The Neste MY fuel is derived from renewable waste materials including cooking oil.

ATR disclosed last year that it would co-operate with Swedish carrier Braathens Regional Airlines and Neste to advance certification of the manufacturer’s turboprops with such fuels.

Under the collaborative effort Braathens will perform a demonstration flight this year.

ATR sustainable fuel test-c-ATR

Source: ATR

Neste MY fuel powered one engine on the ATR during the tests

ATR intends to complete 100% blend certification for its aircraft by 2025.

“Our aim is to lead the change to decarbonisation,” says chief executive Stefano Bortoli, who describes the ATR as the “ideal platform” with which to bring down carbon dioxide emissions.

“The achievement of this great milestone shows that we are fully committed to making the use of 100% SAF possible.”

ATR estimates that the use of wholly-sustainable fuel in both engines, on a typical regional route flown by its aircraft, would cut carbon emissions by more than 80%.