ATR has been granted approval to extend C-check intervals on its turboprops by 60%, increasing the figure from 5,000h to 8,000h.

The regional aircraft manufacturer says the approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency will offer a “significant reduction” in maintenance costs to operators.

This longer interval complements a similar extension for A-checks, which increased from 500h to 750h two years ago.

“By extending the intervals between these heavy maintenance checks, we offer our operators the potential to generate more revenues,” says ATR senior vice-president for customer support David Brigante.

“They will see their aircraft flying up to three more days a year when considering both A- and C-check improvements.”

ATR is aiming to reduce operators’ maintenance expenditure further with the recently-unveiled introduction of a new Pratt & Whitney powerplant, the PW127XT, which the airframer says will bring engine overhaul to 20,000h and cut engine maintenance costs by 20%.

“All airlines want their aircraft flying as much as possible and, as their partner all along the way, we are continuously striving to enhance the value of our products,” says Brigante.


Source: ATR