Russia’s new Ilyushin Il-96-400M is set to benefit from an upgraded navigation system for the four-engined type, after certification testing of the equipment commenced.

Testing is being conducted on an Il-96-300 airborne laboratory – a former Aeroflot aircraft, registered RA-96007, originally delivered to the Russian carrier in 1993.

State technology firm Rostec says the system will provide precise area navigation performance, with capabilities of 1nm tolerance, down to 0.3nm for low-visibility approaches.

This will enable the aircraft to meet the latest criteria for operating in European airspace, in regions where navigation references are sparse.

Source: United Aircraft

Rostec is testing the navigation system on an Il-96-300

Although the system is being developed for the -300 variant, Rostec says “some elements” will be transferred to the -400M – the first example of which is undergoing assembly at the VASO plant in Voronezh.

Rostec’s specialist radio-electronic arm KRET is developing the equipment.

“Through creating new systems and modernising existing ones, we solve the problems of import substitution and developing production of competitive domestic avionics,” says Rostec executive director Oleg Evtushenko.

He says the company expects to complete certification of the navigation system by the end of this year.

“Use of a modernised navigation system will increase flight safety and will allow crews to simplify the approach process,” says the company.