Local government representatives in the UK are set to seek an operator for Doncaster Sheffield airport, after a long lease agreement advanced prospects for re-opening the facility.

The airport had not turned in a profit during its 17-year existence and owner Peel Group – after conducting a review – could not identify proposals which would support keeping it open.

Although Doncaster Sheffield closed in 2022, the city’s council has been striving to resurrect it.

Following “detailed and complex negotiations” with Peel Group, the council says it has signed a 125-year lease on the site.

“This is a major step in the re-opening process,” adds Doncaster mayor Ros Jones.

Doncaster Sheffield-c-Doncaster Sheffield airport

Source: Doncaster Sheffield airport

Doncaster Sheffield closed in 2022 after years of losses

Having secured the lease, the local authority will look to appoint an operator to manage and develop the airport.

“This process is well underway and I am optimistic that I can announce a partnership later in the spring,” says Jones.

The lease agreement is part of the South Yorkshire Airport City programme set up to re-establish operations at the facility.

Wizz Air and TUI had been operating services from Doncaster Sheffield prior to the closure.