Investment firm Strategic Value Partners has completely acquired the asset-management company Deucalion Aviation, having previously taken a 50% share.

Deucalion manages over 180 aircraft – both single- and twin-aisle, with a core of mid-life models – which are leased to more than 80 operators.

Strategic Value Partners has acquired full ownership of Deucalion through its affiliate fuds SVPGlobal.

SVPGlobal and asset-management firm EnTrust Global completed a joint acquisition of DVB Bank Group’s aviation investment business, and establishing Deucalion Aviation as a result.

The partners stated, at the time, that Deucalion was an “innovative global platform” with “world-class aviation expertise” and the ability to invest “across the capital spectrum”.

SVPGlobal, which manages some $18 billion in assets, has its main offices in Connecticut and the UK, and becomes the sole owner of London-based Deucalion following the latest deal.

Deucalion-c-Deucalion Aviation

Source: Deucalion Aviation

Deucalion’s portfolio has a core of mid-life aircraft

Co-head of SVPGlobal’s European investment team John Brantl says the company has taken advantage of “dislocation” in the aviation market over the last 18 months.

“With full ownership of Deucalion’s top tier, full-service global aircraft management and investment platform, SVPGlobal’s aircraft investment capabilities will be even further strengthened,” he adds.

Deucalion co-chief Stephan Sayre says SVPGlobal’s commitment will provide the company with a “very strong platform” to expand its franchise and customer base, especially in the “more challenging” near-term market.