Irkut’s new ‘Russified’ version of the Superjet 100 is to feature several more systems from state technology firm Rostec, including improved landing-gear.

The aircraft – being developed under the ‘SSJ-New’ programme – will also feature a different engine-vibration control system and oxygen equipment.

Rostec’s Tekhnodinamika division has agreed to supply the components for the aircraft as part of a strategy to increase domestically-built share on the jet.

Rostec says the landing-gear will be fitted with enhanced damping and control characteristics, to make landings “more comfortable” for passengers.

The oxygen system will be designed to cope with depressurisation events at altitudes up to 12,000m (39,400ft), while the engine vibration technology will monitor powerplant operations and “prevent malfunctions”, the company adds.

Rostec aviation industrial director Anatoly Serdyukov says testing of the vibration and oxygen equipment prototypes will start next year.

He says the Tekhnodinamika components – produced by divisions in Ufa, Samara and Orekhovo-Zuyevo – and the overall increased contribution of Russian parts mean the ‘SSJ-New’ will be a “fundamentally new aircraft”.

Alongside the ‘SSJ-New’ a parallel project has been drawn up, known as ‘RRJ-95New2’, which is intended to enhance the aircraft’s flight performance.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft had produced the Superjet 100 but the operation has since been merged under the umbrella of Irkut, and rebranded as its regional aircraft arm.