Efforts to maintain supply lines during the coronavirus crisis has meant all-cargo flights have barely declined in Europe despite the wipe-out of passenger operations across the continent.

Pan-European air navigation organisation Eurocontrol states that, on 26 March, it logged 1,127 all-cargo flights – a fall of just 1% on the 1,144 recorded on the equivalent date last year of 28 March 2019.

But Eurocontrol has released a visualisation illustrating the collapse in scheduled passenger airline traffic at the end of the month. 

Source: Eurocontrol

European flight traffic 29 March 2020 against previous year

It states that, on the same day as the cargo operations were recorded, 26 March, there were just 2,872 scheduled services – a fall of 87% – as well as a near-halving of charter and business aviation flights.