European Parliament members have voted in favour of revising the emissions-trading system for aviation, including phasing out free allowances for the sector by 2026.

The revision will also promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

Members cast 463 votes in favour, and 117 against, with 64 abstentions during the ballot on 18 April, adopting the trading system reforms.

The legislative measures are part of a broad package, and aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the trading system sectors by 62% – compared with 2005 levels – by 2030.

Parliament and the European Council reached a provision agreement in December last year to reform the emissions-trading system for aviation, tightening decarbonisation requirements.

This agreement included integrating ICAO’s market-based CORSIA carbon-offset and reduction scheme into the reformed system, and ending the free allocation of allowances to the aviation sector in 2026 – a year ahead of the schedule proposed by the European Commission.

Negotiators also agreed to reserve allowances, over the course of 2024-30, for commercial aircraft operators that increase their use of sustainable aviation fuels.

contrail-c-Unsplash Arno Senoner

Source: Unsplash/Arno Senoner