Air France pilot representatives are calling for a broad cockpit work stoppage in protest, ironically, over a government bill which aims to limit the right to strike in the transport sector.

The proposal is set to be debated in the Senate, the upper house of the French parliament, on 9 April.

According to the syndicate of Air France pilots, SPAF, the right to strike could be prohibited over fixed periods, up to 60 days per year.

SPAF argues that the proposal deliberately confuses public transport and public service, and would “relegate” the country to an authoritarian state.

“The right to strike is often the last resort for employees of transport companies,” it adds.

SPAF says it “cannot accept” the measure and is calling on all pilots operating under French contracts to stop work on 15-16 April.

Air France A318 - Air France

Source: Air France

Pilots argue that the right to strike is often a ‘last resort’ for personnel