Threats of a broad work stoppage by French pilots over a government bill to restrict strikes have receded after changes to the proposed legislation.

Air France pilot union SPAF had called for a stoppage on 15-16 April over the bill which is attempting to balance the right to strike with the need for continuity of public transport services.

But it has suspended the stoppage after revision of the proposal by the French Senate.

“We requested withdrawal of this text or, at least, the exclusion of aircrew from this future law,” says the union.

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Source: Air France

Pilots had been alarmed by the proposal to ban transport strikes over certain periods

Members of a Senate committee on territorial planning adopted, on 3 April, a series of amendments.

The amendments specifically refer to continuity of land transport.

SPAF says the amendments effectively “limit the scope” of the scheme, by excluding air transport from the bill.

While the union appears satisfied with the measure, it warns: “If a new threat were to resurface, we would know how to respond to it, as we have already demonstrated in the past.”