Indian executive jet operator JetSetGo has reached a provisional agreement for Horizon Aircraft hybrid eVTOLs under which it could purchase up to 100 of the Canadian developer’s Cavorite X7.

The agreement – currently a letter of intent – provides for the purchase of 50 aircraft at $5 million each, with an option for an additional 50 at the same price.

Delhi-based JetSetGo, founded 12 years ago, uses a fleet of various business jets – including Hawker, Bombardier and Dassault models – for charter services, and engages in several other aspects of aviation including aircraft management.

But it has been indicating plans to venture into advanced air mobility, using eVTOLs for air taxi services.

Cavorite X7-c-Horizon Aircraft

Source: Horizon Aircraft

JetSetGo’s agreement provisionally covers up to 100 of the Cavorite X7s

“This partnership will help JetSetGo profitably enter new markets by leveraging the versatility of the Cavorite platform to bring about the vision of advanced air mobility in India,” says JetSetGo chief executive Kanika Tekriwal.

While the six-passenger Cavorite X7 uses a fan-in-wing design and electric battery power to provide vertical take-off, it will burn sustainable aviation fuel or kerosene for conventional forward flight, although the developer believes it could eventually become a fully-electric aircraft once battery technology improves.

“We are confident that our Cavorite X7 eVTOL will operate sustainably and profitably across India as well as many other global locations,” says Horizon chief Brandon Robinson.

“As a hybrid-electric aircraft, there is no need to install expensive charging support equipment across the travel network. It is a machine designed for challenging, real-world operations.”