Serial deliveries of several new Russian aircraft types – including the Yakovlev MC-21, SJ-100 and Ilyushin Il-114-300 – have been postponed, according to a number of media outlets in the country.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, during an address to the federal assembly on 29 February, only briefly mentioned the civil aircraft industry, noting plans to modernise at least 75 airports in six years.

“It is also necessary to update the fleet of our airlines using our own domestic aircraft,” he added. “They must meet all modern requirements for quality, convenience and safety – a difficult task.

“[Russia’s air transport industry] bought too much [capability] abroad, but did not develop their own production.”


Source: Yakovlev

Serial deliveries of the PD-14-powered MC-21-310 will be pushed at least to 2025

While Putin did not refer to specific domestic aircraft programmes, Russian business publication Kommersant says the MC-21, SJ-100 and Il-114 deliveries are being pushed back by up to two years, to 2025-26. It adds that there are delays to the Tupolev Tu-214 and UZGA LMS-901.

It claims the domestically-powered version of the MC-21 has increased in weight, reducing its range performance, as a result of using domestic equipment and composites, citing its own sources.

The publication quotes state technology firm Rostec as saying that the MC-21’s specification will be finalised in the second half of this year.

Kommersant also cites United Engine as stating that the Aviadvigatel PD-8 powerplant for the SJ-100 needs further work, following tests. It adds that Rostec aims to deliver 30 SJ-100s in 2026.

Rossiskaya Gazeta, the government’s official newspaper, is carrying a report in which Rostec’s chief, Sergei Chemezov, is quoted by the Russian news agency TASS as saying that MC-21 deliveries will begin no earlier than 2025 and could slip to 2026.