Japan’s transport ministry is expecting landing aids damaged during the Tokyo Haneda runway collision to be restored to operation on 20 January.

The accident on 2 January occurred when a Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 touching down on runway 34R struck a Japanese coast guard De Havilland Dash 8 waiting to take off.

Precision-approach path indicator lights on the north side of the runway were damaged during the accident.

The A350 rolled along the runway before veering off the north side and being consumed by fire – although all 379 occupants successfully evacuated.

Runway 34R returned to operation on 8 January although the lighting damage meant flights arriving to the opposite-direction 16L had to use different approach strategies.

“As the restoration work and functionality confirmation for the facility has been completed, it will resume operation on [20 January],” the ministry states.

Haneda runway JAL A350-c-Toshi Aoki-JP Spotters Creative Commons

Source: Toshi Aoki-JP Spotters/Creative Commons

Haneda’s runway 16L/34R was closed for days after the 2 January collision