Australia’s new Western Sydney airport is to have a remote digital control tower, the first such installation in the country.

Western Sydney is scheduled to open in 2026 and be capable of handling 10 million annual passengers.

Air navigation provider Airservices Australia says the digital technology will assist with managing increasingly-complex airspace.

Western Sydney airport-c-Western Sydney airport

Source: Western Sydney airport

Western Sydney airport is due to open in 2026

Over 20 high-resolution cameras will be fitted to monitor the airport and surrounding airspace, transmitting visual data to a centralised control room at Eastern Creek.

Airservices Australia says the technology will include object-tracking, infra-red for night vision and low visibility, and image enhancement.

It says this will enable air traffic controllers to “see beyond the limitations of the human eye”.

Digital centre-c-Airservices Australia

Source: Airservices Australia

Digital information will be transmitted to a centre at Eastern Creek

“This exciting technology has earned its place in what will be an airport focused on delivering passengers and airlines an incredible experience,” says Western Sydney chief executive Simon Hickey.

Development of the digital tower will be carried out in co-operation with Frequentis Australasia and technology infrastructure provider CDC.