Russian authorities have approved the Yakovlev MC-21 to transport up to 211 passengers, a higher figure than previously permitted.

Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia says the type certificate for the model was amended on 26 December.

Under the previous authorisation the twinjet was able to take 175 passengers.

“Before the approval of the amendment to the type certificate was issued, tests were carried out on the emergency evacuation of passengers and crew members of the aircraft,” says the regulator.


Source: Rostec

Yakovlev produces two MC-21 variants, the -300 and the -310

It says the MC-21’s compliance with airworthiness standards and emergency equipment requirements have been confirmed.

United Aircraft general director Andrei Boginsky says the approval will allow the manufacturer to deliver MC-21s in “all configuration options”.

Rosaviatsia deputy head Andrei Dobryakov adds that development work is continuing to expand the operating parameters of the aircraft.

Yakovlev has produced two versions of the MC-21 – the Pratt & Whitney PW1400G-powered MC-21-300 and the MC-21-310 which is fitted with Russian-built Aviadvigatel PD-14s.