Russian and Central Asian authorities are considering restricting the size of airlines, and setting specific fare levels, to assist with the recovery of air transport in the region.

The measures are among several discussed during a conference on support mechanisms for civil aviation among members of the regional interstate aviation council set up between former Soviet states.

Proposals have been sent to the governments of these member states to co-ordinate protective standards against the coronavirus threat, and reach decisions on restoration of their interstate air traffic before 1 October, in order to increase mobility and provide income to carriers, airports and air navigation services.

Authorities will consider setting regulatory minimum fare levels similar to those of 2019 for the winter season 2020-21 and the summer 2021 period in order to avoid price-dumping, says the Interstate Aviation Committee.

The proposals include a possible temporary restriction, until next summer, on granting new air operator’s certificates and expansion of airline fleets – although the direct substituting of one aircraft for another would be permitted.

Non-refundable subsidies should be explored to help support operators and other aviation organisations. “Loans, even at low interest rates, will put an additional burden on enterprises,” says the committee.

Deferral of payments to governments – including taxes, airspace charges, and state funding for aircraft – should be extended to April-May next year, while airport and air navigation fees are fixed at last year’s levels.