Russia’s domestically-powered Yakovlev MC-21-310 is conducting a series of automatic landing tests as part of its certification programme.

Prototype 73051 carried out the landings, under ICAO Category IIIa conditions, at Moscow Zhukovsky airport, with a crew of four.

Category IIIa landings enable approaches to a runway with 200m visual range and a decision height below 30m.


Source: Rostec

Yakovlev’s MC-21-310 variant is powered by Russian-built PD-14 engines

United Aircraft states that around 100 flights are planned to test the twinjet’s automatic landing systems.

The MC-21-310 is powered by Aviadvigatel PD-14 engines.

United Aircraft says the aircraft has been modified to feature domestically-developed software and equipment.

It originally commenced the automatic landing effort in December last year using an MC-21 fitted with the Pratt & Whitney PW1400G powerplant.