Irish-based AviaAM Leasing has transferred a second Boeing 777-300ER for cargo conversion by US-based Mammoth Freighters.

Mammoth is undertaking conversion of 777-200LR and -300ER twinjets.

AviaAM states that it ferried the -300ER to Fort Worth Alliance airport, where Mammoth partner Aspire MRO has a facility, on 28 February.

The leasing company entered an agreement for six conversions of passenger jets to -300ERMF freighters.

Its first aircraft, MSN35299, was inducted last year, Mammoth disclosed in October.

777-300ER for conversion-AviaAM Leasing

Source: AviaAM Leasing

AviaAM has an agreement with Mammoth for six 777-300ER cargo aircraft

Mammoth had initially commenced conversion work on 777-200LRs but stated that the progress and momentum on these modifications had given it confidence to extend its programme to the -300ER.

Conversion of the twinjet involves floor-beam replacement and installation of a cargo door, among fitting of other features including a supernumerary area for personnel.

AviaAM says the aircraft will be able to transport just under 100t of freight and is likely to be operated on transatlantic or Europe-China routes.

Mammoth line-up-c-Mammoth Freighters

Source: Mammoth Freighters

Several 777s, including an AviaAM ex-Nordwind aircraft, lined up at the Fort Worth conversion facility