Bratislava and two other Slovakian international airports – Kosice and Poprad – have closed to all operations at least for two weeks, in response to the coronavirus situation.

The capital airport is served by several carriers including Ryanair, Wizz Air, Pobeda, and Flydubai.

Bratislava’s operating company says the closure took effect at 07:00 on 13 March and will remain in effect at least until 27 March.

“No arrivals or departures will take place,” it states, adding that Wizz Air, in particular, is cancelling all services to the airport until 3 April.

NOTAM information for the airport says the decision is “in accordance with the order of the general crisis cell of the Slovak Republic”, intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Kosice airport’s operator says the closure will result in cancellation of 16 Czech Airlines flights, 22 Austrian Airlines flights, and 18 services by Polish carrier LOT, as well as services from Eurowings and Wizz Air.

Closure of the international airports is part of a broad strategy to counter the outbreak which will include temporary border controls and restriction of international and domestic rail and bus services, the Slovakian government states.