Turkish Airlines and US lessor Air Lease each appear to have trimmed their commitments to the passenger Airbus A350, the airframer’s full-year backlog figures show.

The Turkish flag-carrier has cut three A350-900s from its backlog, reducing the number to 20.

Air Lease has also dropped a pair of A350-900s as well as a pair of the larger A350-1000.

The lessor has newly-ordered seven A350 freighters, however, which raises the company’s net commitment to the A350 family by three, to 33 aircraft.

Air Lease has taken delivery of 17 A350s – comprising 12 -900s and five -1000s – while Turkish Airlines has received five -900s.

Airbus has secured overall orders for 917 A350s including seven A350 freighters.

It delivered 55 of the twinjets last year, including six -1000s, and took gross orders for 16 – although cancellations meant its net A350 order total for 2021 was reduced to two aircraft.

Air Lease A350-900-c-Airbus

Source: Airbus

Air Lease has reduced its commitment to the A350-900 and -1000