Seven airports in the Cape Verde archipelago have come under the management of specialist Vinci Airports, after financing arrangements for the 40-year concession were finalised.

The finalisation follows a provisional concession agreement reached with the government a year ago.

Vinci Airports says it has secured €60 million ($66 million) in funding from World Bank-IFC, France’s Proparco and Germany’s DEG.

The financing has been linked with sustainability targets including a progressive reduction in carbon emissions.

“This is one of Vinci Airports’ very first financing arrangements of this kind,” says the operator. It will share the concession with Portuguese subsidiary ANA, which will hold 30%.

Vinci says the Cape Verde airports have “solid potential”, with passenger numbers having returned last year to 80% of pre-crisis levels.

It states that it will fund, operate, maintain, extend and modernise the airports over the term of the concession. The agreement gives Vinci 72 airports in 13 countries.

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Source: Vinci Airports

Seven airports will be managed under the Vinci concession