Twelve AirAsia ab initio cadets taking part in CAE's first multi-crew pilot license class have finished the third of four phases in the 14-month programme.

The candidates are part of beta class designed to train crews starting with zero initial flight time for positions with the Asian low-fare carrier.

"All cadets have passed three formal evaluations [by Canadian examiners] to date," says CAE. "An equivalent private pilot check ride, an equivalent instrument check ride, and an equivalent Beechjet type rating."

Phase three of the Transport Canada-approved training programme took place at CAE's SimuFlite Dallas facility, with cadets earning a type rating on a twin-engine Beechjet 400 business jet flight training device. Phase one and two included basic flying skills and 70h of single-engine flight time at Moncton Flight College in Canada.

The fourth and final phase of the programme will take place at CAE's headquarters in Montreal, where the students will train in a CAE Airbus A320 full-flight simulator using AirAsia standard operating procedures.

CAE expects the 12 cadets to graduate from the program in May, after which they will earn MPL licenses after a takeoff and landing phase of training in Kuala Lumpur.

Successful graduates will then enter AirAsia's initial operating experience programme for A320 first officers.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news