The Airbus A320NEO will be offered with two engine choices: the CFM International Leap-X and Pratt & Whitney's PurePower PW1100G. It will incorporate "sharklet" wingtips and offer fuel savings of up to 15%, representing up to 3,600t of annual carbon dioxide savings per aircraft.

The new engine option is offered on the A320, A321 and A319 models and will require limited modifications primarily to the wing and pylon areas, says Airbus. It will have 95% commonality with the standard A320 family.

Excluding engines, nacelles and pylons, the airframe for the A320NEO will be 250-300kg (550-660lb) heavier than the current A320 airframe. The total maximum empty weight of the aircraft with the Leap-X engine will be 1.7t heavier than the existing A320 model, while the model fitted with the P&W will be 1.8t heavier. The maximum take-off weight will be 79t, 1t more than existing models.

Source: Flight International