The second flight test Airbus A380 ultra large aircraft has spent the beginning of the week in Iqaluit, Canada where it is undergoing cold weather tests.

The aircraft (MSN004) arrived on 6 February in Canada's northernmost city, and capital of Nunavut territory and will spend several days undergoing cold weather testing during which the aircraft will be left overnight at the airfield. The airport (YFB) is located on remote Arctic tundra at 63.5° north, at an elevation of 111ft (34m).

Airbus A380 nose Iqaluit W445
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Overnight 7-8 February, Environment Canada reported that the airport experienced temperatures of -26°C (-14°F), or -44°C with wind chill factor due to wind speeds of 28kt (52km/h), with drifting snow and humidity of 68%, making the dew point -30°C.

The aircraft may have to return to the airport if it does not manage to complete systems trials at low temperatures, as it is scheduled to make an appearance at the Asian Aerospace air show in Singapore later this month. The aircraft is believed to be returning to Toulouse by the end of the week when it will enter the paintshop to have Singapore Airlines' colours applied.

However, the A380 is unlikely ever to return to Iqaluit as the only commercial air transport service is operated by Canadian North Airlines, which provides jet service to communities in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut using a fleet of Boeing 737-200 Combis, with the aircraft shared between cargo and passengers.

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Source: Flight International