Airbus and Boeing are on course to deliver a record 915 aircraft between them in 1999, but their combined output is set to decline from 2000. Airbus has warned that some deliveries will be delayed in 2000 because of a production problem.

Airbus will end 1999 with 295 deliveries - up 30% on 1998's tally of 229 units. Boeing has boosted its output from 563 in 1998 to 620 in 1999. Airbus output will rise slightly to about 310 in 2000, while Boeing is cutting back to around 480 aircraft, lowering the overall tally to less than 800.

Deliveries of A320 family models will be delayed by up to three weeks in the first half of the new year because of problems with a planning system introduced by wing manufacturer BAE Systems Airbus. The delay will not affect the delivery target, says Airbus.

"There will be a slippage in the timetable for deliveries in the first half, but we expect to recover later," it says. "The delay is within normal contractual margins."

BAE Systems Airbus says the problem stems from the introduction of an "enterprise resource planning system" to streamline the ordering and manufacture of detailed wing components. It says lack of proper training led to "corrupt data being fed into the system which upset the procurement and manufacturing process".

Source: Flight International