I have never written to Flight International before, but I had to laugh at the naivet‚ of J M Stacey (Flight International, 16-22 August).

Like Mr Stacy, I have read Flight and other British technical journals since 1942 and have lived and worked in both the USA and England. British magazines yield to no one in jingoistic utterances, particularly under the notorious C G Grey of the old Aeroplane. His anti-Americanism fulminating before the Second World War led to such ill-feeling that he was publicly censured by the Society of British Aircraft Constructors.

However, like Dr Winkler, I find Flight relatively balanced editorially. Most Boeing-bashing comes from Airbus, which is jealous of Boeing's unparalleled record and magnificent pioneering tradition over 90 years that Airbus completely lacks. Airbus would never have got off the ground (quite literally) without massive backing from four major European nations, their airliners are blatant copies of the original 707 concept, and Boeing has built more 737s alone than the entire output of Airbus to date.



Source: Flight International