1974 A300B2

• The world's first twin-engined, twin-aisle widebody.

• Triplex power and control systems.

• Advanced rear-loaded aerofoil.

• Full flight regime autopilot.

• Automatic windshear protection.

1982 A300FF

• First two crew widebody aircraft. Flight engineer's tasks automated and systems controls in the overhead panel.

• Introduction of the "dark, quiet cockpit" philosophy. When systems are activated, the designator light in the system pushbutton is extinguished. Any system not activated or switched off would be conspicuous because the light would show in a dark panel.

• Digital flight management.

1983 A310

• Cathode ray tube flight instruments and electronic centralised aircraft monitor display.

• Carbonfibre-reinforced plastic secondary structures (fairings).

• Electrical signalling of secondary controls (flaps/slats, spoilers).

1985 A310-300

• CFRP primary structures (fin, tailplane).

• Tailplane trim tanks for centre of gravity control.

1988 A320

• Digital fly-by-wire flight controls with flight envelope protection, and active ailerons.

• Sidestick control in pitch and roll, with automatic pitch trim.

• CFRP fin, tailplane, elevators, ailerons, spoilers.

1993 A330/A340 series

• Cockpit designed for crew cross-qualification with each other and A320 series.

Source: Flight International