Operating lessor CIT Leasing has placed another order with Airbus for the Airbus A330-200 type.

Airbus' latest figures reveal CIT Leasing's order for four A330-200 on 20th August. The operating lessor placed a four-aircraft for the type in May after cancelleing orders for four A319s and four A320s. Last month CIT also changed one of its four A330-200 orders from May into an A330-300 model.

In August Airbus recorded a total of 15 aircraft sales , four of which were with a private customer for the A319 model. CIT Leasing ordered four A330-200s while Thai Airways placed an order for seven Airbus A330-300s.

In August, CASCG allocated 15 A320s to Hainan Airlines and one A20 aircraft Juneyao Airlines.

As at 31 August, Airbus had recorded 301 gross orders and 250 net sales for the year. Deliveries totalled 335 aircraft at the end of June after the European manufacturer handed over six A319s, 20 A320s, three A321s, one A330-200, one A330-200F, three A330-300s and three A380s to customers.

Source: Commercial Aviation Online