Airbus Industrie has won a $1.5-billion order for 30 aircraft from its single-aisle A320 family, it was announced at the show yesterday.

The order, from leasing company Debis AirFinance, is for 15 A320s, 10 A319s and five A321s, with some flexibility in model selection.

Deliveries will begin in 2003.

"The fact that we are making our first major forward order represents a milestone in our rapid development," says Frank Haspel, managing director and chief executive of Debis, which has established a portfolio of 85 aircraft with a value of $3 billion.

The A320 family was chosen, says Haspel, for its popularity with customers and its "remarketability".

Noel Forgeard, chief executive of Airbus, says he believes that sales to leasing companies will rise from the current 25% of products sold to 40% in the next few years.

Source: Flight Daily News