The European Aviation Safety Agency has approved a 1t maximum take-off weight increase for the Airbus Corporate Jetliner, a VIP version of the Airbus A319.

With the increased MTOW to 76.5t, Airbus says operators of the twinjet can now fly 11,100km (6,000nm) with eight passengers, up 300km from legacy versions, or take advantage of increased payload capability for shorter routes.

Airbus in November began offering the increase, based on a wing-load alleviation system, on forward-fit commercial and VIP versions of the A320 family, delivering its first ACJ with the upgrade this month. The airframer says a retrofit version of the upgrade will soon be available through a service bulletin.

The wing load alleviation system, which uses special flight control algorithms linked to spoilers and ailerons to cut down bending moments on the wings, allows for higher MTOW by reducing the manoeuvring and gust loads that originally limited the aircraft's total weight.

"The improvement is part of Airbus's policy of continuous product improvement, and highlights its commitment to designing, building and supporting the world's most modern aircraft family," says Airbus.

Airbus ACJ
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Source: Flight International