Airbus will far exceed its gross order forecast for 2012 and expects deliveries to be in the region of its target of 580.

The airframer has yet to disclose its final backlog and delivery figures for the year, and will reveal the totals during an event on 17 January.

But an analyst familiar with the matter says the order for 75 Airbus A320neo jets from Turkey's Pegasus Airlines will be booked into 2012.

The airframer had predicted sales of 600-650 aircraft for the year, and by the end of November 2012 its gross total had reached 646.

Pegasus's order takes the total past 720. The analyst also indicates that the airframer will unveil more "Christmas presents" during the January event.

Airbus had originally set a delivery target of 570 aircraft and raised this figure to 580 by mid-year.

The analyst says the delivery total for 2012 is "in the ballpark" of the target. Airbus declines to comment.

But the airframer, which had delivered 516 aircraft by the end of November, has lately been handing over some 50-60 aircraft in the final month of the year.

Airbus met its target of 30 A380 deliveries for 2012 and the airframer last year nudged monthly production rates upwards for the A320 family.

Rival Boeing had delivered 537 aircraft by the end of November 2012, and had forecast 585-600 for the full year.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news