Airbus has formally detailed new higher- and lower-weight variants of the A380 in its latest aircraft characteristics documentation for the type.

Three additional weight variants - designated WV006, WV007 and WV008 - have been included in a revision of the airframer's technical information.

WV008 has a maximum take-off weight of 575t, the highest offered by Airbus.

This variant will have a maximum landing weight of 394t and a maximum zero-fuel weight of 369t.

Airbus has developed the type to increase the double-deck aircraft's range to around 8,500nm (15,700km) and it will enter service in 2013.

But the documentation also shows a 573t variant, WV006, with respective landing and zero-fuel weights of 395t and 373t.

The highest A380 weight previously offered was 569t on WV002.

Airbus has included its lowest-weight version, WV007 at 490t, in the document, which was updated at the beginning of November. The airframer intends this version to meet QC1 noise criteria for departure.

There are nine weight variants of the A380 on offer.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news