Europe's Airbus has formed a joint venture with an Indian company and a Turkish firm to provide spare parts for aircraft operators in India.

Airbus will own 26% of the new joint venture, Spares Support Solutions India (SSSI), says the European aircraft-makers' parent EADS. Airbus' Indian partner, Airspace Infrastructure, and its Turkish partner, Airlogic, will own 37% each, it adds.

The new company will maintain an inventory of components used on all types of Airbus commercial aircraft in India, says EADS.

"The platform will not only offer component and logistics support, but will also provide engineering and logistics advice and assistance to its clients," says SSSI chairman and EADS vice-president for business engineering Christophe Desages.

Airspace Infrastructure provides warehousing services, while Airlogic specialises in component trading and distribution.

SSSI's managing director is Gulperi Kurdoglu, an aeronautical engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Airbus engineering, says EADS.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news