CMC Electronics' (Hall 4, C19A) has been selected to supply its CMA-2102 high gain satellite communications antenna for the Airbus A380.

The new lighter weight version of the CMA-2102 will become the standard seller-furnished equipment (SFE) when the A380 is launched.

The antenna's top-mounted technology and architecture virtually eliminates multipath interference and is simple to install. It supports current and planned Inmarsat high-speed data services without modification and enables applications ranging from intranet virtual private network (VPN) access for crews to multichannel voice services and fast e-mail for passengers.

It is also compatible with existing Aero H/H+ satcom components already found on a large number of airline and corporate jet aircraft.

Bruce Bailey, CMC Electronics' vice-president, Commercial Aviation, says: "We are very pleased that our new, lighter weight CMA-2102LW satcom antenna will be launched on the A380. We value our continuing association with Airbus and look forward to working closely with them well into the future."

The CMA-2102 is now flying with 74 airlines and has been installed on an undisclosed number of corporate/VIP and military aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News