AIRBUS INDUSTRIE and its member companies have settled out of court with Boeing over the US Company's lawsuit alleging patent infringement of a slat mechanism.

Boeing demanded "an inquiry as to damages" or the payment with interest of Airbus profits related to the device when it sued in 1994 (Flight International, 8-14 June, 1994).

It also wanted the consortium's companies to hand over or destroy "all infringing articles or material" in their possession.

As part of the settlement, all parties have agreed not to reveal its details. Airbus describes the arrangement as "amicable", but declines to say whether it agreed to any of Boeing's demands.

At the time Airbus described the suit as "completely misconceived" and planned to defend the action.

The patent in question relates to the slat-track assembly which was designed for the 757 and also forms the basis, in enlarged form, of the 777's equipment. It has never been made clear which Airbus types Boeing believed were implicated.

Source: Flight International