SPACE Technology (Stand 8, Hall 5) has a slush fund - it used the money to develop a process for the production of hydrogen slush.

The company is working with EADS on the possibility of powering Airbus A320 cargo with slush-fuelled engines for trials over the next decade. "As a result of environmental concerns and the increasing shortage of common fuels, I believe the future of hydrogen slush will be very interesting," says sales manager Karl Langensteiner.

The company patented a process for the production of slush in co-operation with Austria's Joanneum Research Graz and Technical University of Vienna.

"The development of novel fuels has become a hugely competitive industry. Ours is the only equipment that can make a continuous supply of hydrogen slush," says Langensteiner.

Other potential applications include space transport systems, aircraft and cars.

Source: Flight Daily News