Airbus is continuing its A380 world tour with visits to Asia and the US planned between 30 August and 5 October.

During the demonstration tours, which will be separately performed by two aircraft, the A380 is scheduled visit Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea, as well as the US states of Connecticut, Kentucky and California.

The Asian tour will run between 30 August and 7 September. It will be performed by a Rolls-Royce Trent 900-powered A380, carrying serial number 007.

Arriving in Thailand on 31 August, the 520-seat aircraft will visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai airports. It is then scheduled to visit the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi from 2-3 September, before moving on to Hong Kong for Asian Aerospace between 3 and 5 September.

The Asian tour will conclude with a visit to Seoul in Korea between 5 and 7 September.

Engine Alliance GP7200-powered MSN009 will perform the US tour. It will visit Bradley International airport in Connecticut on 2-3 October, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International airport on 3–4 October and San Francisco International Airport in California on 4– 5 October.

As this aircraft is not equipped with a passenger cabin, Airbus says it will be put on static display at these airports. It adds that the US tour will form part of the ongoing route proving process for the Engine Alliance GP7200 on the A380.

Airbus says: "Both demonstration tours are part of the extensive campaign to prepare the A380 for a smooth entry into service. Operating under typical airline conditions, both aircraft will undergo airport compatibility checks, ground handling and maintenance procedures to confirm its readiness to enter service."

The A380, which has accumulated 173 orders from 14 customers to date, has visited more than 45 airports. Airbus says that by 2011, more than 70 airports will be ready for A380 operations.