AIRBUS INDUSTRIE claims that it is the first manufacturer to deliver aircraft direct from the production line equipped with predictive windshear warning systems.

Two A340s recently delivered to Spanish flag carrier Iberia are fitted with AlliedSignal's forward-looking windshear-detection system. A rival system is offered by Rockwell's Collins Air Transport division.

Airbus has also tested on an A319 an enhanced ground-proximity warning system (EGPWS) from AlliedSignal, and expects the system to be certificated on its narrowbody family by the end of the year. It will also be offered on the A300/310 and later on the A330/340.

United Airlines is taking delivery of EGPWS-equipped A320s in anticipation of the system's certification. These aircraft also have AlliedSignal's RDR-4B predictive windshear-warning system.

Source: Flight International