The partial "cabin vision" mock-up that Airbus is using as the basis of the A350 XWB's interior is centred on the door two zone. Airbus says the design is intended to give the passenger an immediate impression of spaciousness upon entering the cabin because of the smooth, continuous, integrated design with enhanced lighting.

The cabin architecture is designed to enhance the perception of space through what Airbus calls the "horizon-line" as well as lighting and continuous surfacing. It features a central bar area that opens as an example of the flexibility that the cabin can offer. There is also a break-out "connectivity area" where passengers can plug in PC laptops and work without disturbing others.

Other features include an integrated lavatory design with "nanotechnology" for a bacteria-free environment that is easy to maintain, and big lateral bins enabling the elimination of central bins without reducing luggage space. The clear flat ceiling enables a "wide virtual window" to be projected above the passengers, while integrated mood lighting provides continuous smooth transitions helping to reduce jet lag.

Source: Flight International