Aircraft Braking Systems (ABSC) has won contracts to supply wheels and brakes for several different aircraft types.

The Akron, Ohio-based company will supply main wheels, nose wheels and brakes for the Ayres Loadmaster turboprop freighter and VisionAire Vantage single-turbofan business jet.

The Loadmaster main wheel is designed for minimum weight and to accommodate a high-flotation tyre enabling operations from low-strength runways. The three-rotor "tri-metallic" brake is designed for ease of installation, ABSC says.

The Vantage main wheel is a cost-efficient design requiring only two steel brake rotors, the company says. The brake housing wraps around the landing gear strut to minimise the space required to accommodate the gear.

ABSC will also produce main wheels, steel brakes and nose wheels for the Lockheed Martin/ Alenia C-27J, providing commonality with the C-130J, for which ABSC provides wheels and brakes.

Under a fourth contract, with Saab, the Akron company will supply an enhanced braking system for the third production batch of Gripen fighters, as well as all export aircraft. The new main wheel and carbon brake will provide longer life at higher loads and energies, the company says, while the new digital brake-by-wire system includes a "pin-programmable" electronic control system, enabling the braking hardware to be configured to customer requirements.

Source: Flight International