Middle Eastern overhaul firm Gulf Aircraft Maintenance (Gamco) has suffered a fire at its centre in Abu Dhabi, which apparently started on board one of the aircraft parked at the facility.

Gamco says that the fire occurred at about 04:40 today but insists that it was swiftly brought under control. It has not disclosed the aircraft type involved or the aircraft’s operator.

But a senior executive at the United Arab Emirates’ general civil aviation administration admits that the aircraft has suffered “some damage”, without giving further details. He says that an investigation is underway by regulatory authorities.

“There was a fire, in one of the aircraft. It was extinguished in about five minutes,” he adds, stating that the fire did not spread to the maintenance hangar itself.

There is no further information about the extent of the damage to the aircraft or the reasons behind the fire.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com