AmSafe is here at Hamburg on a high, promoting its CARES – Child Aviation Restraint System.  Hot on the heels of a Crystal Cabin Award – Judges’ Commendation Prize for cross-category products and concepts.

CARES is specifically aimed at the 10kg to 20kg (22lbs to 44lbs) children.  Typically this covers the two to four year-old group.

Moreover it’s available to airlines or passengers directly.  US-carrier American Airways has CARES available in-flight, or it can be bought on the web.

“We’re even starting to see it making its way into children’s boutiques.  It is the only restraint that can be carried on by the passenger.  All with minimum fuss,” explains engineering manager Joe Regulski.

CARES is simple to use and provides upper torso support for the child.  “By restraining the upper torso you can increase the level of safety – specifically the Head Impact Compliance (HIC) levels” says Regulski.

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Source: Flight Daily News