A new generation of galley cart by DKA, Diethelm Keller Aviation is getting a soft-launch at the show.

“The ‘Generation B (Gen B) Lightweight Cart’ is heavier than the composite cart but much cheaper, and it is significantly lighter than current lightweight carts in the market and costs only a fraction more,” says sales manager, Joshua Chang.

The Gen B has all the aluminum components, but weighs between 16-18 kg, depending on final configurations, making it 20% lighter than existing lightweight carts.

The Gen B cart features curvy edges and handles giving it an all round sexier looking cart. The company says it has changed the way the components are joined.  “This includes the thermal performance which has been enhanced with additional insulated sandwich panels at the top and bottom, and thicker insulated panels at the sides. Plus the break noise has been reduced due to the bottom sandwich panel” Chang says.

Gen B’s lighter weight could lead to significant savings – for example a Boeing B747 can use as many as 70 carts.

DKA has also developed a new composite galley cart weighing just 14kg “Although other manufacturers have also produced similar composite galley carts, the problem still remains, for all, that the cost of such carts is extremely high and the search and development for lower cost composite materials goes on,” Chang says.

“We believe the Gen B will be more receptive to the market than current light weight carts and we’re looking forward to speaking to existing customers, and potential new ones, about it,” says Chang.

 Diethelm Keller
 DKA’s Gen B cart offering weight saving over traditional lightweight carts

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Source: Flight Daily News