Unveiling its new ultra-lightweight carpet is Swiss company Tisca Tiara mobility textiles.

The family run company has developed an innovative new lightweight carpet quality resulting in 25% weight saving compared to standard aircraft carpets.

“The ultra-lightweight carpet is a breakthrough for Tisca Tiara as no other company has produced one as light, or as durable and long wearing,”. says Matthias Tischhauser, Division Manager Mobility Textiles.

“Most cabin carpets need to be replaced after around three months due to damage from trolleys, footmarks, and general wear and tear to the carpet, but our new carpet lasts,” he says.

 Matthias Tischhauser

The company, which develops and manufactures a broad range of premium quality textiles for both commercial airlines as well as the VIP and business jet market, also boasts the carpet is 100% customised, unlike many competitive products.

“Customers are more and more interested in lead times and we are able to provide quick turnarounds in any design, colour, texture and width the customer requires.  We are in a different league,” says Tischhauser

Tisca Tiara is also displaying its newly developed hard-wearing light-weight seat cover fabric as well as fabrics for curtains, head-rests, pillow cases, machine-woven and machine-tufted carpets, hand-tufted and hand-woven carpets, and exclusive embroidered carpets.

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Source: Flight Daily News