Airbus intends to offer an A220 version of its Skywise data and analytics services sometime next year, a move executives say reflects Airbus's commitment to supporting its newest commercial aircraft.

"We have developed a strong expertise at Airbus along the Skywise approach and the data analytics type of work," A220 programme head Florent Massou told reporters this week in Mirabel. "That could be implemented here. I think that would be the next step."

"The A220 will be connected to Skywise later in 2020," Airbus later confirmed with FlightGlobal.

The news comes the same week Airbus held media events during which executives stressed that the company will use its vast resources to support and make a success of the A220, a programme Airbus acquired from Bombardier in July 2018.

The support includes assistance related to marketing, sales, engineering, supply chain, procurement and information technologies, executives say.

Airbus has also been clear about its intention to expand Skywise, a suite of data products it launched in 2017.

Delta Air Lines, which is a major A220 customer, was among initial Skywise customers, signing a deal to support its A320s and A330s.

The Skywise brand encompasses data services that Airbus says enable airlines to benefit from the massive amounts of data flowing off modern commercial aircraft.

Airlines that submit aircraft data into the Skywise platform can receive free data analytics in return, though airlines can pay for more advanced services, Airbus has said.

The analytics can help carriers reduce operational disruptions by up to 30%, Airbus has said.

Source: Cirium Dashboard