Guillaume Faury has replaced Tom Enders as Airbus chief executive, while board member Rene Obermann has been appointed to succeed the airframer’s outgoing chairman Denis Ranque in 2020.

Guillaume Faury

Guillaume Faury in July 2018


Faury’s appointment was disclosed in October 2018 and became effective during an annual general meeting today.

Ranque states that Faury has “exactly the right skill set and experience needed to take Airbus forward”.

Faury, for his part, says he is looking forward to “shaping the Airbus of tomorrow, to better serve our customers, increase our competitiveness and grow in a sustainable way”.

Enders has been credited for having created value “for our shareholders and the development of our company to the benefit of all employees and the supply chain”.

He became chief executive in 2012.


Airbus AGM 2019. Left to right: Guillaume Faury, Chief Executive Officer, Airbus and Tom Enders, former Chief Executive Officer, Airbus.


In 2018, Airbus disclosed that Ranque will step down as chairman of the board of directors at the 2020 annual general meeting.

The airfarmer says it “diligently prepared” Ranque’s replacement and considered both internal and external candidates, with support of an external independent head hunter.

Obermann – a board member since 2018 – was selected after a “thorough examination”.

Ranque says that Obermann “knows Airbus well, while his entrepreneurial background and executive experience leading senior management teams brings the right competences and mindset”.

He adds that Obermann’s experience will “prove invaluable for Airbus’s strong technology focus” while his appointment maintains “international diversity at board level”.

A German national, Obermann is managing director of private equity house Warburg and previously served as chief executive of Deutsche Telekom.