Airbus has been authorise to conduct transatlantic services with its newly-established Airbus Beluga Transport outsize cargo operation.

The airframer obtained a French air operator’s certificate on 13 November for the carrier, which will use the manufacturer’s A300-600ST Beluga fleet.

Its five Belugas are being withdrawn from internal logistics activity and replaced by the A330-700L BelugaXL.

Beluga F-GSTB-c-Laurent Errera Creative Commons

Source: Laurent Errera/Creative Commons

Airbus secured an AOC for the new outsize freight airline in November 2023

Airbus Beluga Transport has been set up to capitalise on the outsize freight capability of the older twinjets.

It sought authorisation to fly to US destinations in December – stating that it aimed to begin the services in February this year – and clearance has been granted by the US Department of Transportation.

Airbus Beluga Transport’s air operator’s certificate lists the company’s initial aircraft as F-GSTB, which was built in 1996.