Alitalia’s team of three extraordinary commissioners has been replaced with a single commissioner, the Italian government has disclosed.

The ministry of economic development has identified the new commissioner as lawyer Giuseppe Leogrande.

Alitalia aircraft

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Alitalia has been in extraordinary administration since May 2017

He will succeed Enrico Laghi, Stefano Paleari and Daniele Discepolo.

Minister Stefano Patuanelli says the three have had to manage a “complex” task, trying to find a long-term strategy for the flag-carrier’s ownership.

“Unfortunately [this] did not lead to a definitive market solution for the company,” the ministry says.

The Italian government, it adds, will need to work with Leogrande to enable a “definitive re-launch” of Alitalia.

One of the potential partners in a consortium to acquire Alitalia, the firm Atlantia, has firmly rejected suggestions – which, it claims, come from Patuanelli – that it was not serious about taking part in the plan.

Atlantia insists it has made an “enormous commitment” of personnel and resources for the purpose of playing a role in the proposed consortium.

It adds that the “significant” involvement of a primary industrial partner in the new company’s capital was part of the plan to re-launch Alitalia, and essential to any participation.

Atlantia adds that the government has previously declared that it wants to avoid another short-term rescue of the flag-carrier.